Report on Reform of the Transsexuals Act (Transsexuellengesetz) – Nicht amtliche Version der Ergebnisse des Gutachtens Regelungs- und Reformbedarf für transgeschlechtliche Menschen

Begleitmaterial zur Interministeriellen Arbeitsgruppe Inter- & Transsexualität – Band 7a. Berlin

Titeleite Report on Reform - IMAG, Band 7a

The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women und Youth has been supporting the work of the Interministerial Working Group 'Inter- und Transsexualität" (IMAG) on issues related to intersexuality and transgenderism through participatory, public research assignments. The scientific report "Regulation and reform needs for transsexual people" issued by the Humboldt University of Berlin outlines the need for reform of the current transsexual law, describes possible solutions and outlines regulatory proposals.