Promoting democratic education from childhood to early adulthood

Key findings and recommendations from the 16th Federal Report on Children and Youth

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This brochure summarises the key findings and recommendations of the 16th Report on Children and Youth. The subject of the Report is promoting democratic education from childhood to early adulthood. It draws attention to the particularly important and ongoing task of winning young people over to democracy and empowering them to participate. The Report presents detailed findings on the diverse social spaces where young people encounter political education: Political education takes place right through childhood and youth, in families, nurseries, schools, vocational and university education, in extracurricular youth education centres, through involvement in political and social causes, and even in the Bundeswehr. The many people involved are responsible for providing education which is up-to-date and age-appropriate. The Report also describes the challenges facing our democracy and calls for politicians to make a clear commitment: political education guided by democracy and human rights is essential.