20 years since the Second UN World Ageing Plan and since the UNECE Regional Implementation Strategy

Country Report - Federal Republic of Germany

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This National Report by the Federal Republic of Germany on the fourth assessment and evaluation cycle for implementing the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing and its Regional Implementation Strategy (MIPAA/RIS) is being presented 20 years after the passing of the MIPAA and commitment to the RIS by the 56 UNECE countries. It reports on the state of implementation of the MIPAA/RIS in Germany in accordance with the structure and criteria defined by the 2020 UNECE Standing Working Group on Ageing. The national implementation of these international obligations within the Federal Republic of Germany is based on the Federal Government’s National Plan of Action for implementing the Second United Nations Plan of Action on Ageing and the Regional Implementation Strategy. They are the leading guidelines for the policy concerning older persons at federal level, alongside the international obligations of MIPAA/RIS, United Nations human rights documentation and European level regulations (both EU and European Commission).